We're Purple Kingdom Games, an Independent studio in the UK!

Spearheaded by two seasoned developers, David North and Dave Smith, Purple Kingdom Games want to take players on a journey that taxes their mind and pulls at their heart strings.

Having met many moons ago while making websites and Flash games for clients, we subsequently went our separate ways and got real jobs. Now with over 20 years of making software between us, we're ready to take the world by storm and get back to what we love... making games!

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Press Releases

Algae is now live on Steam!

Purple Kingdom Games has just launched the first episode of Algae on Steam! Priced at $1.99 this charming 2D puzzler takes players on the first leg of a 4 part journey that will see Algae take on new shapes and even greater challenges.

Ever wonder what lurks at the bottom of a cup you've left on the side for 3 weeks and haven't washed up yet? What strange world has evolved and grown in there at that microscopic level?

Algae takes you into such a world - A beaker left to fester has created a sentient Algae, and it's intent on using all of itself to find a way out!


  • 10 brain bending challenges
  • Clone your way to victory – to reach places you couldn't reach alone
  • Morph to solve puzzles and move enemies
  • 4 Difficulty levels (including the aptly named 'Impossible' difficulty)
  • An exclusive unlockable skin

Future episodes are slated for 2019 and will feature new morphs, new skins, and new environments

It's All About Community

To celebrate the release of their debut game, Purple Kingdom Games are inviting the community to take up challenges to earn achievements and unlock rewards. If enough achievements are earned the community will get free digital gifts including a free wallpaper, an Algae level editor, and even a completely free Algae should they complete all of them!

Further details can be found at https://algae.purplekingdom.games/community

Team & Repeating Collaborators

David North

Game Design, Programming

Dave Smith

Art Management, Game Design

Christian Roberts

Musician, Freelancer

Peter Simon

Artist, Freelancer


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What we collect when you visit our sites

We use Google Analytics to track visitors to our site. When we do this we ensure that we annonymise all personal information (including your IP Address) so that you personally cannot be identified. We use this information to guage how popular our sites are, and roughly where people are visiting from. That way we can then provide more resource or translations as required.

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What we collect when you play our games

We use Unity to create a majority of our games, but don't run Unity Analytics. This is because we don't yet feel the need to collect information on how many player sessions are active, or any other analytical information at this time. If we do, we'll list here exactly what we take and what we use it for. Unity may collect additional information without Analytics installed, and more information on that can be found on Unity's Privacy Page.

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